About Us


Avion Medical

 Avion Medical specialises in both Medical Affairs Consulting and Product commercialisation, including in licensing. Avion has been founded to support Australian Pharmaceutical companies with in house medical affairs as well as focus on commercialisation of new products, partnering with companies who require an Australian presence


The Network

Avion Medical has developed an extensive network of experts including Regulatory, Market Access, Marketing, sales, Government affairs and Medical. Avion is able to harness the expertise of this network to bring new products to fruition in the Australian Market

Why Us?

Our Experience


After 15 years in the industry, we decided to alter direction. Now, we share our passion by bringing medicines to patients who need them, early.

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Our Approach


We take an industry leading approach in our consultancy, both when engaging with you and when representing you. We Utilise existing robust expertise in the Australian market to bring New products to fruition.

Our Expertise


 If you are seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner, Avion Medical has expertise in skills that range from research and development planning, through to commercialisation, product launch and marketing